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Tue Jan 11 15:26:34 PST 2000


I heard that when the test was first constructed that women did better on it than men, then they changed the test.


Carrol Cox wrote:

> Doug Henwood wrote:
> > Los Angeles Times - January 9, 2000
> >
> > New Test-Taking Skill: Working the System
> >
> > More and more college-bound students are requesting extra time on the
> > SAT, citing learning disabilities. But, in disproportionate numbers,
> > they are rich, white and male.
> This suggests the trickiness involved in pushing for reforms in institutions
> (e.g., WTO) that are fundamentally anti-worker. The problem is not
> how this or that feature of SAT is misused. The problem is SAT (and
> all other college-entrance examinations). All reforms of SAT will turn
> out after the fact to be disasters. Just as all reforms of WTO (or all
> political activity aiming at such reforms) will turn out after the fact
> to be disasters.
> I could see the abolition of SAT as being a campaign that could be
> important in any future student movement.
> Carrol

-- Marta Russell author Los Angeles, CA Beyond Ramps: Disability at the End of the Social Contract

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