Looking for something Castoriadis said

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C. spends more time attacking Roustang than Lacan on those pages. He lands into Lacan for abusing his audience when he claims there is an algebra or topology of the unconscious [actually Gregory Bateson sort of hinted at that possibility as well--Evo. Psych. also with the modular brain linked by algorithms]...

"Theory is only one moment of elucidation...Patients are not items of analytic raw material, to be exploited as source of 'material for theorisation' or 'transformed into 'normal individuals'."[p. 84]

"One thing is certain: for many years, Lacan has been maleficant. During the last decade - even more unbearable, an aesthete might say - he has also become boring." [p. 53]

The interesting and uncompressible stuff on L and de S. is on p. 52. It was Guy Rosolato who made the comparison upon ditching [diss'ing L]


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> Does anyone have a handy copy of Cornelius Castoriadis's the
> Cross-roads of the
> Labyrinth? What does he say about Lacan on pages 81 - 95 (in 10 lines or
> less). I found an ambiguous quote in Yannis Stavrakakis's Lacan & the
> Political - it sounds like Castoriadis is calling Lacan a modern
> day Sade - I'd
> just like to find out if Castoriadis is saying this or if he is
> claiming that
> someone else said this. Either way, those on the list not
> predisposed to Lacan
> will surely like what they find.
> ken

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