Valid Conspiracy Theory

Thu Jan 13 08:18:05 PST 2000


>I was reading an article in the bourgeois media yesterday and it made some
mocking reference to a "conspiracy >theory" as an explanation for some media event. With that it is fully dawning on me that the bourgeois
>propagandists have succeeded in selling some of the U.S. left, such as it
is and reflected on this list, on the >idea that there are too many conspiracy theories circulating around as explanations of various public events >and incidents. This came up recently here with all the ostrichlike responses to the idea that John F. Kennedy >was assassinated according to a conspiracy by the rightwing in the federal government, probably J. Edgar
>Hoover, etc. Below is another brief, valid analysis of an actual and
important political conspiracy and >assassination right under the noses of the naive "left".


Petchy, our hippy insurance expert (of whom, I am sure, more in the fullness of time), has a saying about this which might or might not be original:

"The history of the world is not, of course, shaped by shadowy elite conspiracies; but it is a useful analytical tool to treat it as if it were".



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