LM&HUM Subcommitte Meeting Friday Night

frances bolton fbolton at chuma.cas.usf.edu
Thu Jan 13 14:46:42 PST 2000

No Orb wrote:

>I just thought I'd take the time to announce that our regular subcommittee
>meeting will be this Friday Night at Frances Bolton's soon to be not her
>apartment in Tampa, Florida.. 7 p.m. sharp. Don't tell anyone. This is
>SECRET information meant only for us, Members of Leftish, Marxish, and
>Users of Marx subcommittee on Hoodwinking Real Marxists into Becoming
>Anti-Conspiracy Theorists. Failure to maintin this TOP SECRET information
>may result in a severe spanking.
Don't call or ask for directions. If you don't know where my apartment is; you're not supposed to be attending the meeting.

No Orb, I've been asked to pass on the following message: Pink Oranges at 9:30 means its a go.


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