Valid Conspiracy Theory

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Thu Jan 13 14:47:20 PST 2000

See last post in response to Wojtek's similar question. You are looking at Kennedy from the eyes of a leftist in the year 2000, not the extremely worried rightwing, anti-communist , anti-swinger lifestyle types of the early 1960's. Try to think like Barry Goldwater or a McCarthyite or John Birchite and it might come to you. The Soviets had just put up Sputnik. The Cuban revolution had just turned communist 90 miles from Florida. National liberation movements were winning independence for colonies all over the world. Capitalism was in serious international crisis. The Civil Rights movement was at its peak. And Kennedy just agreed to a test ban treaty with the Soviets. Barry Goldwater/Birchite types were going bananas about all that stuff. That was treason as far as they were concerned. It was the complete opposite state of mind of the fall of the SU and the paleo-liberal triumphalism of today.

I never said the rightwing had a correct political analysis as the basis for their assassination. What they had was a paranoid anti-Soviet and anti-swinger-in-the-bully-pulpit analysis. They thought what he was doing might contribute to undermining the American system and certainly contribute to undermining U.S. "vital interests" in the world, even though in hindsight you can see that it didn't. If you want I will elaborate, but try shifting your thinking back to that era and it should come clear to you.

RFK was assassinated too



Steve had said

What was JFK doing that would require his being offed? I've never heard a convincing argument that he was doing anything or about to do anything that threatened the capacity of American capitalism to reproduce itself. King, of course, plain as the eye can see, but JFK?

Whoever conspired in JFK's assasination was wasting their time...


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