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On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Charles Brown wrote:

> See last post in response to Wojtek's similar question. You
> are looking at Kennedy from the eyes of a leftist in the
> year 2000, not the extremely worried rightwing,
> anti-communist , anti-swinger lifestyle types of the early
> 1960's. Try to think like Barry Goldwater or a McCarthyite
> or John Birchite and it might come to you. The Soviets had
> just put up Sputnik. The Cuban revolution had just turned
> communist 90 miles from Florida. National liberation
> movements were winning independence for colonies all over
> the world. Capitalism was in serious international crisis.
> The Civil Rights movement was at its peak. And Kennedy just
> agreed to a test ban treaty with the Soviets. Barry
> Goldwater/Birchite types were going bananas about all that
> stuff. That was treason as far as they were concerned. It
> was the complete opposite state of mind of the fall of the
> SU and the paleo-liberal triumphalism of today.

So they killed JFK and got LBJ -- how did that help their right-wing goals? JFK wasn't about to do a Great Society program or meaningful Civil Rights legislation. They did worse than waste their time; they shot themselves in the foot, no?


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