Greenspan on Seattle

christian a. gregory chrisgregory11 at
Sun Jan 16 17:56:03 PST 2000

Rakesh wrote:
>This was the one point Greider made in his
> first WTO piece with which I really agreed (though Sachs makes the
> point better)--I can't get much of substance from this latest effort.

Could you give me the reference for the Sachs piece that you're talking about?

>Brenner's efforts have been quite helpful in challenging the
> myth of global integration.

I have my reasons for thinking this is true, though I'd like to know yours. Partly because I think you could argue something like the opposite: i.e. that in emphasizing the "malign invisible hand" of the market and the consequences of competition on an international level (pace Lenin), Brenner's argument requires some idea of real-world integration or "globalness" to economic activity.

All best Christian

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