Luxemburg Liebknecht March success

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Mon Jan 17 01:45:01 PST 2000

Chris Burford wrote (quoting me, first:)
> >the present cooperation between the PDS leadership and the
> >state 'securities' forces is seen as an precedent of driving the left out
> >the party.
> However, according to German tv tonight, the demonstration in Berlin on
> revised date of this Saturday 15th, was successful, with 80,000
> demonstrators and 2,000 police.
> This would appear to vindicate the PDS leadership's line of having
> with the police about the earlier ban, but going ahead this Saturday, (in
> fact the exact 81st anniversary of the murder of Luxemburg and
> Oder?
Chris, the success of the march does not contradict my initial assesment: - the PDS leadership has been acting like the deputy sheriffs for the police, instead as opposing the police provocation. - thus the PDS presented themself as a 'responsible' force, fit to rule in Germany - and capable of containing any left-wing forces. Watch out for more symbolic and programmatic steps by the PDS to clean the party of anything 'left'. On the other hand they have to be careful not to antagonize completly the Stalinist pensioneers that are the core of their so-called 'Communist Platform'. For this purpose they have to publish empty press statements, like the one you posted on the imprisonment of Egon Krenz. Johannes

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