47,000 rally against the confederate flag in South Carolina

Scott Marshall scott at rednet.org
Tue Jan 18 08:21:01 PST 2000

I talked to some relatives last night who marched in the protest in Columbia, South Carolina against the confederate battle flag. They say the 47,000 figure is probably an under count as that number was the official police estimate. In any case they are in rapture that this was the greatest demonstration they've ever seen in SC. They were greatly heartened by the number of young folks involved including white youth.

This is another big sign of the rising tide of activism that is emerging. It can't be separated from the WTO demonstrations in Seattle. This is no time to be wallowing in 'decline of the left' conventional wisdom.

On second thought, this probably is just another ritual-let-off-steam thingy and well within the norms of ruling class control. yea....silly me, probably doesn't mean a thing. Why did those people even bother?

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