Bradley on Labor Law Reform

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Wed Jan 19 10:19:54 PST 2000

On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, Marta Russell wrote:

> I recently met a writer (Ron Ridenour) from the
> Internationalist who says he met with Bradley and his wife
> some years ago in south America when he was covering events
> there. He stated unequivocally that Bradley's wife had
> clear connections with the right wing. I don't remember the
> names of her associates (had never heard of them before).
> Any body know anything about Ms Bradley??

The current Lingua Franca has a brief article about her. She's a German Lit prof specializing in post WWII novels. She's criticized the post war literature for not engaging the war and its effects enough. She complains Grass does have enough of a *feeling* of sorrow in his work.

I didn't see anything particularly right wing about her views -- in fact she got in some shit with Bradley's handlers for claiming Bradley was against capital punishment (which he, of course, is not). Made me think she's to the left of him.

P.S. Marta, I heard Howard Zinn speaking on the radio the other day about important movements of the 20th century -- he specifically mentioned disability rights. See, an old dog can learn new tricks!

P.P.S. My brother just read your book and gave it high marks.


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