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Wed Jan 19 20:08:20 PST 2000

John Halle wrote:

> Me too, with one qualification: Nader's political action (on auto safety)
> is by this point responsible for tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of
> people continuing to reside on the planet who would otherwise be dead or
> maimed. That's an achievement which very few can match, and gives him a
> basic level of credibility among the big public that's hard to compete
> with. Someone said criticizing that Nader was like criticizing Mother
> Teresa. That's why.

The fact that he saved thousands of people's lives through his activism is a poor argument for putting him into authority over our lives.

Choose and Lose 2000.

BTW, Mother Teresa sucked ass.

Don't vote, it only encourages them,

-- Chuck0

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