Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Fri Jan 21 11:23:50 PST 2000

JKSCHW at aol.com wrote:

>The Greens should consider themselves fortunate that someone of
>Nader's profile would consider running as their candidate instead of
>savaging his choice of personnel on what I will add are remarkably
>vague and unclear grounds.

As I recall, Nader disowned the Green platform in '96 and ran a half-assed and embarrassing campaign which reflected well neither on candidate nor on party. Scholars of the Life of St Ralph speculate that one reason he ran such a half-assed campaign was that he didn't want to file the financial disclosure statements. So much for transparency.

It's a pretty weird conception of politics, that a party, which has many problems, including having run something like 4 different VP candidates in '96, but which has been trying to build itself as a real membership organization, should be grateful that some celebrity graced it with his name for a few months some years ago and then went back to his own pursuits, maybe to return again for a few months this year.


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