Subject: Re: Top 100 nonfiction works

Michael Pugliese debsian at
Fri Jan 21 11:01:39 PST 2000

Frances Bolton wrote:
>It's a good list, but it needs Marshall Berman.

Marshall has a piece in the new "Dissent". (Ya, boring, "right-wing social democratic" rag, I know, sigh. For a dissent from the dissenters consensus view on American foreign policy see the piece by James Rule a few issues ago on left foreign policy stances and the new softness towards imperialism when clothed in "humanitarian" garb ala Gitlin et. al. "All We Are Saying Is Give B-52 Bombers and Depleted Uranium Shells and Killing Sanctions A Chance!, ")

Oh ya, the Marshall Berman piece is part of a symposium.

Michael Pugliese P.S. Can there be two works by the same author for the Counterpunch? If so, add "The Poverty of Theory, " by E.P. Thompson, his wickedly funny polemic on Althusserianism.

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