Michael Pugliese debsian at pacbell.net
Fri Jan 21 11:30:37 PST 2000

Nathan Newman wrote:
>I don't agree with Green Party strategies generally, but I will step to the
front of the line to denounce any Democrat who tried to red-bait or denigrate one of their candidates as a strategy to destroy their >challenge.

Start with California Democratic party official, Bob Mulholland, dirty trickster maximus. When Audie Bock, ran as a Green party challenger, and won a seat in the California State Assembly representing a district that lackluster, , looonnggggtimmmmme, party hack,centrist, Elihu Harris, was trying to reclaim, Mulholland pulled all the stops. Job offers to Greens, money to betray political comrades and principles.A patronizing, get out the vote coupon of a free bucket of fried chicken from KFC. Probably wasn't even a big bucket to boot, I'd be surprised if it was more than a right wing.

Michael Pugliese, who lives catty corner from a KFC. He prefers Church's Fried Chicken. Better biscuits! Red Beans and rice, better chicken skin. Can you tell I'm hungry! BTW, Audie is now an independent, have to call a Green party organizer I know from way back to find out why. Probably too much New Agey/ process/consensus nonsense. Had to be part of why Petra Kelly died.

Woody Guthrie, "Left Wing, Right Wing, Chicken Wing!," explaining why he performed for boooorrrrrrjjjjwwwwwwwwwaaaaahhhh at Rockefeller Plaza top floor supper club once in the "Red Decade".

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