Orientalism Revisited (was RE: G. Bush: US in Holy War AgainstIraq?)

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Sun Jan 23 14:29:39 PST 2000


Yesterday's hostility was b/c of what he said he said he said, and then what she said to top it all off! But what they said he said, was not what anyone said. So I said what _he_said he said, not what she said he said about what he said in the first place. Verily, what I said he said, was what he said; what they said he said was not what he said, and I said so. Still they said otherwise. Then they said what they did, and I had to nod, b/c that is what I said he said., or in fact 'twas what he and we said all along, with some minor exceptions. But dont even get me started about them, and what they said about the others. And then you fell into false consciousness and occluded the marxist conception of class, and I had to snicker. Say no more. Kapeesh?


PS Just saw P. Almodovar's latest last nite, and imho it is his best yet. Run, don't walk to go and see it in a theatre near you.

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>Carrol Cox wrote:
>>"Daniel F. Vukovich" wrote:
>> > Steve,
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>>Just out of curiosity -- at what point did this thread take its turn towards
>>this level of hostility?
>Dunno exactly, but I hope it finds a lower level of hostility soon.

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