Wanniski on Krugman

Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Mon Jan 24 15:55:12 PST 2000

PK is following the trail blazed by Robert Samuelson.

mbs =====

You mean the trail of garbage?

"Throughout his career, Samuelson has been the master of scientific rhetoric, continuously and consciously hinting at parallels between neoclassical theory and twentieth century physics, and just as consciously denying them, usually in the vey same article...In the technical literature, Samuelson's non-sequiters have become a way of life." [Mirowski, 1989, 382-386] Ian


No, the other trail of garbage. Robert, not Paul

Compared to Robert, Paul looks like a Nobel Laureate. Too bad Robt has more influence, since he's got the newspaper column.


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