Meaning of Kohl, Kohle and Bimbes (was: Re: German politics acquires sleazy tinge)

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Tue Jan 25 01:51:41 PST 2000

Chris Burford wrote:
> [an excellent account of the honourable Kohleone family, snipped ]
> "Kohl" colloquially in German also means "money", interestingly enough.
Chris, sorry to correct you here, the word you mean is 'Kohle' (coal), but Kohl literally means 'cabbage'. Intellectuals liked to play with that meaning of his name at the early days of his reign. Now he is sometimes beeing referred to as having been the Bimbeskanzler. Bimbes is a slang word from Kohls home area, the Palatinate, meaning money.
> The left in all western countries should be pushing for much tighter
> monitoring of the finances of political parties.
That will teach a lot of how big money is buying power, but the left should not fall into the trap, believing sophisticated laws could stop this process. Johannes

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