Wash Post on WB/IMF troublemaking

Roger Odisio rodisio at igc.org
Wed Jan 26 23:57:08 PST 2000

Max Sawicky wrote:

> Second, our mayor makes the Seattle guy look
> like Eugene Debs. Even under Mayor Barry, I saw the
> cops rough up some ACORN demonstrators who were sitting
> on a sidewalk outside a bank.

"Even under Mayor Barry" !!?! Odd staement from a DC kind of guy like you, Max. Barry's dashiki fool you too?

> My major anarchist suggestion: if your going to
> break windows, forget about Starbucks and McD's.
> That's where ordinary people go. We have all
> these glitzy 'chop houses' whose revenue is based
> on tax deductible business lunches. You could
> start with The Palm and the Old Ebbitt Grill.
> They're expensive, are frequented by lobbyists
> and other lizards, and they use up precious real
> estate.

I went to the Ebbett Grill a couple of times during the couple of decades I spent in DC. But only for dinner with a failed lefty friend. That OK?

Your reasoning--that we should strike where elites enjoy their wealth, rather than at the places where they exploit labor--is not very convincing, Max. Trash a posh eatery, the owner collects on insurance, nothing much changes. This is a difficult way to make the argument that these guys shouldn't *have* the fruits of labor in the first place.

Trash a place of exploitation (without endorsing the choice of Starbucks or McDs) and you begin the point about exploitation being at the heart of capitalism.

> But I'm psyched. Makes me feel like I'm 40 again.
> I'm going to shave my head, get pierced, and wear
> black. Where's my walker?

Ain't fantasy grand.


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