Wash Post on WB/IMF troublemaking

Mark Rickling rickling at mailandnews.com
Wed Jan 26 22:04:34 PST 2000

From: "Roger Odisio" <rodisio at igc.org>

> Trash a place of exploitation (without endorsing the choice of Starbucks
> or McDs) and you begin the point about exploitation being at the heart
> of capitalism.

How is the Old Ebbett Grill any less of a "place of exploitation" than McDonald's? Doesn't the former also hire cooks, wait staff and dishwashers -- ie wage labor?

> > But I'm psyched. Makes me feel like I'm 40 again.
> > I'm going to shave my head, get pierced, and wear
> > black. Where's my walker?
> Ain't fantasy grand.

I'll bring the sign "Anarchists and Populists together at last."


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