Spivak & Eagleton

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Thu Jan 27 09:08:03 PST 2000

Michael Hoover wrote:

>apologies for replying to my own post but I had intended to say that I
>find Doug's ho-hum response suggesting that some people are over-reacting
>disturbing as well...his 'probably is excessive' completed by 'but it
>may not be'...and if it isn't excessive, those who 'complained' did so
>falsely, which means that epithet isn't an epithet, so then...
>gonna have to put *Too Many Creeps* on a tape loop, Michael Hoover

Hey I love that song. Wasn't there a Bush Tetras reunion recently?

Anyway, I meant the rebuke to be mild. Lots of people call each other nasty things here, which is fine up to a point. I thought that the epithet crossed the line. I was bothered by the misspelling of Yoshie's name, which lots of people do, and which completely mystifies me. Freudian that I am, I suspect either an unconscious or conscious insult when that happens.


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