Polo wars [the horse and rider are down now, beaten badly]

Lisa & Ian Murray seamus at accessone.com
Fri Jan 28 23:30:32 PST 2000


I think we haggled a bit over these before you joined us. See below


>>What the pomos share, like these other tendencies,
is common preoccupations and themes. In the pomo case, these include:

1) antifoundationalism, the idea that all knowledge is theoretiucal and none is basic or given; it all depends on your subject position;

2) antirealism, that there is no extralinguistic reality apart from the way we talk about it;

3) antiessentialism, the idea that all natures are wholoy constructed, there are no real property that all members of a group objectivelly share apart from the way theya re conceived; the denial of objective interests ====

A)antifoundationalism is older than pomo.

B)antirealism is simply agnostic/extremely skeptical about what if any "type[s]" of structures exist apart from the way we dislose them to ourselves and each other via language and machines/tools. Is space-time particles or waves or both when we're not investigating microworlds? Is the air transparent to a fly?

C)antiessentialism is simply a close cousin to B. Identity[ies] can be shattered/reconfigured--learned...

All is flux...form from flux form to flux.


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