Spivak & Eagleton

Michael Hoover hoov at freenet.tlh.fl.us
Sun Jan 30 18:39:19 PST 2000

> Wasn't there a Bush Tetras reunion recently?
> I meant the rebuke to be mild. Lots of people call each other
> nasty things here, which is fine up to a point. I thought that the
> epithet crossed the line. I was bothered by the misspelling of
> Yoshie's name, which lots of people do, and which completely
> mystifies me. Freudian that I am, I suspect either an unconscious or
> conscious insult when that happens.
> Doug

was out of town and away from computer for a few days....

Didn't Wittgenstein say that 'words are deeds?' Well, call me too- sensitive on this, but my eldest daughter's life tells me one shouldn't throw slang word 'psycho' around. Those who do disgust me.

As for Freudian that you say you are, transcendentalism of theory tending to assume all individuals - "subjects" - in all societies at all times are constituted in same way is incompatible with historical materialism (no big deal, of course, if one isn't an historical materialist). Moreover, both F and Lacan reworking of F naturalize and extend repression of women. Latter approach can't account for patriarchal differences, for non-dominant ideologies, for struggle and change (not to mention L's smarmy sexist humor). Consequences are conservative.

Michael Hoover (who has long-held interest in Marcuse's attack on contemporary society that was attempt to turn Freudianism on its head).

re. BT, 1997 release entitled *Beauty Lies*: great title, not so great material...

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