Obliviousness as High Art

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Fri Mar 3 08:54:31 PST 2000

DEMOGRAPHIC FALL Russia Is on the Verge of Demographic Catastrophe. According to Forecasts, Its Population Will Halve over

the Next 50 Years By Anna FENKO

During the years of reforms, life expectancy has fallen to a record low level and came to 58 years in 1996. The gap between life-span indices of men and women has reached the record-breaking figure of 13 years. An abnormally low ratio of men to women - Russia is "lacking" in some 5.9 mln men - is also connected with these figures.


The concurrence of two events - economic reforms and a decrease in the population of Russia -- does not necessarily mean that the first event accounts for the second. ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com

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