animal rights

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Sat Mar 4 15:09:38 PST 2000

I noticed that many US pet lovers who move here to Puerto Rico get all upset about the wild dogs and cats in the streets - and so support the "humane shelter" movement to pick them up and kill them like they do back in the States. They don't want to see the poor things "suffer" I guess - or bark and cry all night and make a mess of their yards, and run around in menacing packs.

But then again, I have a dog I captured from a small island (eleven years ago) and forced into petitude


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> In the dorms, my last year living on campus, I was in a co-op called,
>P.A.D. (People's Alternative Dwelling!) along with 19 other students mostly
>countercultural anarchists, kids of hippies, Deadheads, New Agers and
>vegetarian process freaks.
> When a cabal of mice invaded the kitchen and were eating and pissing on
>the boxes of apples and other produce, the weekly 3 hour meeting was taken
>up entirely, for two weeks, trying gain consensus on how to deal with the
>varmints. Only one other person (thanks Nancy!) and I, were unreservedly in
>favor of laying traps for the critters. Eventually, weeks later, the bloc
>that had withheld consensus agreed, only after illnesses in the two legged
>animal species.
> Later, off campus, another housemate (thanks, Kris!) and I drove an
>abandoned kitten to the pound, that none of us had, or where going to, take
>care of. Coming back to the house, there was colored chalk drawings of the
>"kitten killers", on the driveway, moi and Kris (thanks, Nancy!) gleefully
>driving the kitten to its early death.
> Michael Pugliese, a dog lover despite the
>anecdotes, who wonders if others heard about the conjectures that the
>Liberation Front set the dorm fire a few months ago that killed some
> And has anyone ever seen the paintings of John Wayne Gacy and Dr.

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