Peter Singer & Vegetarian Dogs (was Re: The Heiress and the Anarchist)

Michael Pugliese debsian at
Mon Mar 6 14:14:10 PST 2000

Gordon Fitch sayeth:
>The fact is, the meat industry is a Sierra Nevada of misery, torture, and
death for innumerable beings who may be as capable of suffering as you or I, but who almost certainly lack our capacity to mitigate immediate pain by telling ourselves fables about better worlds and benevolent gods.

There is a great book from Sue Coe, the radical artist, on the meat packing plants, that depicts the (almost said dehumanization!) brutality to both the cattle, pigs and chickens, and the human workers, mostly Central American and Mexican living in Nebraska and Iowa (hopefuly the UFCW is making inroads, read a good piece on this in all places, US News & World Report a whille ago).

And last night found an article in German, on a debate between Singer and Peter Sloterdijk. Anyone (maybe Johannes) wanna translate?

Michael Pugliese

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