interesting mainstream economic commentators?

David Dorkin ddorkin at
Mon Mar 6 19:03:54 PST 2000

Thanks-anybody in particular you know to fit the bill? The people like Grant who blurbed Wall Street for example? BTW who was it at Business Week who used to be at Dollars and Sense and wasnt Chris Rude of URPE at the New York Fed? Any others who slipped through the cracks?

I grew up in Italy where it is not entirely outlandish for somewhat lefty types to do these sorts of things (Nerio Nesi, economics adviser for Rifondazione Communista, for example, worked at the Italian Fed at one point...)

Also for anyone who reads any French, Alternatives Economiques is sometimes interesting and is online at:

Doug Henwood wrote:
> David Dorkin wrote:
> >I was wondering if anyone could give insight into the mindset of
> >relatively intelligent mainstream or liberal political and
> >economic commentators; are Kuttner and Reich, for example, aware of and
> >sympathetic to heterodox work?
> >
> >Same questions regarding any others you can think of. Whom would LBO
> >listers consider to be interesting mainstream people who may be more
> >progressive or insightful than most working in journalism, business and
> >public affairs (not in overtly progressive of heterodox groups like URPE
> >etc) or even closet radicals.
> There are a few left-liberals and radicals scattered about the
> mainstream and business press (Biz Week, WSJ, FT), but not very many,
> as far as I can tell. We may even have a few lurking here. I don't
> really know what Reich or Kuttner think in private. Both seem like
> decent folks whose hearts are more or less in the right place but who
> are fatally compromised by their links to the Dems.
> Doug

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