interesting mainstream economic commentators?

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Mon Mar 6 19:14:22 PST 2000

David Dorkin wrote:

>Thanks-anybody in particular you know to fit the bill? The people like
>Grant who blurbed Wall Street for example?

Grant is a libertarian of the Austrian persuasion. He just likes it that some other non-mainstreamer is appalled by the bull market. Alan Abelson at Barron's is basically a New Deal Democrat who thinks most Wall Street people are idiots.

> BTW who was it at Business
>Week who used to be at Dollars and Sense

Michael Mandel, who's become BW's lead cheerleader for the New Economy.

> and wasnt Chris Rude of URPE at
>the New York Fed?


> Any others who slipped through the cracks?
>I grew up in Italy where it is not entirely outlandish for somewhat
>lefty types to do these sorts of things (Nerio Nesi, economics adviser
>for Rifondazione Communista, for example, worked at the Italian Fed at
>one point...)

Hey, Patrick Bond spent some time at the Philly Fed.


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