interesting mainstream economic commentators?

David Dorkin ddorkin at
Tue Mar 7 07:08:43 PST 2000

I know some of Godley's work from the Levy Institute; I thought he was at Cambridge University -is he working on Wall Street? How about where you are at Flemings; what happens at the "water cooler" when you talk with your mates?

DD (also)

> >..... basically a New Deal Democrat who thinks most
> >Wall Street people are idiots.
> Most Wall Street people think most Wall Street people are idiots, which
> means they're mostly right.
> Martin Wolf ain't as much of a wingnut as the character he plays in the FT.
> I've heard Richard Portes say some fairly leftish things (albeit that the
> context was a gathering of genuine nuts). Wynne Godley always has a place
> in my heart (though mainly for his generous hand with college booze).
> dd

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