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Rob Schaap rws at comedu.canberra.edu.au
Tue Mar 7 17:57:53 PST 2000

G'day Carl,

>Consistent with what I posted here earlier, I do not believe Koch-Weser's
>humiliation has been in vain. The pathetic temper tantrum the U.S. threw
>concerning this appointment has been well in keeping with America's ever
>more ham-handed approach to international affairs in general. I cannot but
>believe that the U.S. has squandered diplomatic capital in getting its way
>here that it will find difficult to replace.

I think you're right to point to a trend whereby the US seems prepared to alienate anybody and everybody. Either they're confident of their unprecedented power, or they sense the prize of direct world-dominance is tantalisingly close. Or are they scared of something? Like the EU, mebbe?

Not rhetorical questions - I just wouldn't have a clue is all.

Anyway, the Beeb has reported the whole episode as a crippling defeat for a German government it's been bagging ever since the socdems got in there. Not a critical word to be heard about the US arrogance you discern. It looks very much like the Yanks and the Poms are one - positioned opposite a Euro Union somewhat compromised by the fact that the Poms are part of that, too - geez, contradictory unities, interpenetrations of opposites, and negations of negations wherever ya look, eh?

Cheers, Rob.

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