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Nathan Newman nathan.newman at yale.edu
Tue Mar 7 19:03:35 PST 2000

>On Behalf Of Carl Remick
> Consistent with what I posted here earlier, I do not believe Koch-Weser's
> humiliation has been in vain. The pathetic temper tantrum the U.S. threw
> concerning this appointment has been well in keeping with America's ever
> more ham-handed approach to international affairs in general. I
> cannot but
> believe that the U.S. has squandered diplomatic capital in
> getting its way
> here that it will find difficult to replace.

Diplomatic capital with whom? I think you are reducing this to a US-Europe conflict when a number of developing nations' leaders were also opposed to Koch-Weser.

By challenging the European/German choice, the US may be gaining capital in other diplomatic circles.

-- Nathan Newman

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