Martin Schiller mart555 at t-three.com
Thu Mar 9 16:09:49 PST 2000

Doug Henwood said on 3/9/00 3:35 PM

>Uh, Jordan, the figure Brad quoted was relative to earnings. Until
>very recently, P/E's were essentially trendless oscillations around a
>mean. You could say the same for the index relative to its trend. The
>absolute level of the index isn't very interesting in itself.

Speaking of data - <g> - I had an interest in checking about a publicly listed company the other day regarding their relation with labor. General stuff like how much of their mfg value added is through union labor - grievance statistics - employment trends, etc. I asked offlist of someone who I for some reason thought should know where I could locate that resource and I was rather surprised when he responded that he would get back to me - and then didn't. Is there such a thing and where can I access it and if it exists, how come it isn't more generally known? And if it doesn't exist, why not?


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