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Comrades in the Struggle for Global Justice,

We write to update and or inform you about what promises to be the largest, most exciting demonstrations against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank ever on U.S. soil.

In the wake of the massive actions at the Seattle meeting of the World Trade Organization in November/December 1999, activists in North America have turned their attention to the other international institutions that make the rules for the global economy. We are very pleased that the spirit of solidarity which prevailed in Seattle is even more in evidence now. We are focused on post-Seattle organizing for the IMF & World Bank semi-annual meetings to harness and employ the tremendous momentum for debt cancellation, fair trade, and justice within global economic relations. We are organizing to bring scores of activists to Washington, DC from April 9 for the Jubilee 2000/USA mobilization through April 17 for the semi-annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). We expect many U.S. activists to come to Washington to protest the impact of two institutions - the IMF and World Bank - which have little direct impact on U.S. lives. It is a measure of the success of years of campaigning by organizations like yours in the South, and of the educational work that has been done in the North (not least in Seattle) that people all over this continent are very excited about continuing to challenge the deep inequities of the global economy on the occasion of the Spring meetings of the World Bank and IMF.

We are planning a week of activities - trainings in non-violent protest and direct action techniques, "teach-ins" on the impact of the Washington-based international institutions, lobbying of members of Congress on economic and environmental issues. The week will culminate in a massive direct action to send a clear message to the Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors who run the IMF (as well as the heads of the IMF, World Bank, and WTO). That message will be that the people, whether in the South or the North, will no longer stand for the anti-democratic processes and anti-human policies of these institutions.

A coalition called the MOBILIZATION FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE has been formed to coordinate the action. Its many working groups are hard at work on making the week a huge success. Information is readily available to those with access to the web on the Internet - they can visit www.a16.org, which is being constantly updated. Those who do not have Internet access can contact the 50 Years Is Enough Network (see below).

We need the support of organizations throughout the South. Please indicate your endorsement of this action by returning the form below. By e-mail it can be sent to a16endorse at yahoo.com. If you do not have e-mail, please send it to the 50 Years Is Enough Network in another way.

Under separate cover, I am sending a list of demands for you to consider and circulate as widely as possible for sign-ons. This list of demands was arrived at after consultation with our Steering Committee and organizational members as well as the ten members who currently make up our South Council. We intend to get as many sign-ons as possible and to send them to the World Bank/IMF and the U.S. Congress on Friday, April 7, 2000. Please send us your sign-on by the DEADLINE - Monday, April 3, 2000.

Our resources are limited, and we know that yours are too. But we urge and very much encourage organizations in the South to find ways to send people to these activities. Please let us know how we can help you - keeping in mind that we have no little support to offer, and most of it is already committed. Please think of friends in the South or North who may be able to help raise funds. Many Northern organizations are supporting the Mobilization for Global Justice and may be sympathetic to requests for travel assistance. We also urge you to consider appropriate actions (demonstrations, press conferences, seminars, etc) to organize in your respective community. Help make this festival of resistance RESOUND in every community and/or country where people oppose and resist domination by an oppressive global economy!

At the 50 Years Is Enough Network we have a longstanding commitment to work in solidarity with the peoples' and organizations of the Global South. We are committed to the profound transformation of the unjust and oppressive global economic system. Please let us know what activities you may be planning to correspond to those planned for Washington. And again, please indicate your support of what we are planning here.

Pambere ne Chimurenga! (Onward with the struggle),

Njoki Njoroge Njehu Director, 50 Years Is Enough Network


[This is the "official" call for endorsements by the Mobilization for Global Justice. It is followed by an ENDORSEMENT & COMMITMENT FORM which we encourage all supporting ORGANIZATIONS to fill out. Please return it to: a16endorse at yahoo.com <mailto:a16endorse at yahoo.com>. DO NOT SEND RESPONSES TO THE LISTSERV!]


Thousands in Direct Action Protests - Washington April 16-17! Week of Activities Begins with CONVERGENCE on Saturday, April 8

Organizational Endorsements and Support Needed Now ENDORSE!! COMMIT!!

This form is also available on the web at - <www.a16.org>








********************* ENDORSEMENT On the occasion of the first meetings of the governing bodies of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in the 21st century, we call for the immediate suspension of the policies and practices that have caused widespread poverty and suffering among the world's peoples and damage to the world's environment. We assert the responsibility of these institutions, together with the World Trade Organization, for an unjust world economic system.

We issue this call in the name of global justice, in solidarity with the peoples of the Global South struggling for survival and dignity in the face of unjust, imperialistic economic policies. Only when the coercive powers of the international financial institutions are rescinded shall governments be accountable first and foremost to the will of their peoples for equitable economic development. Only when international institutions are no longer controlled by the wealthiest governments for the purpose of dictating policy to the poorer ones shall all peoples and nations be able to forge bonds - economic and otherwise - based on mutual respect and the common needs of the planet and its inhabitants. Only when the well-being of all, including the most vulnerable people and ecosystems, is given priority over corporate profits shall we achieve genuine sustainable development and create a world of justice, equality, and peace.

___ Our organization endorses this statement and a call for its expression at the time of the April 2000 meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

___Our organization also endorses the Mobilization for Global Justice, a week of educational events and non-violent protests which aim to realize these principles. This is not an endorsement of any specific tactics or actions but rather of the peoples' mass mobilization to bring the World Bank and IMF to account.

********************* _____ We will be committing staff time to do the following (spread the word locally, organize a caravan to Washington, produce materials, conduct popular education on the global economy, etc.):

____ We will be bringing approximately _____ people to Washington. They will be there for (check one) ____ the entire week of events; ____ part of the week: _____; ____April 16-17

____ We will contribute the following materials toward props for the demonstration or other support for the activities and people involved:

____ We will be bringing/hosting international partners and colleagues during the week of events.

__ Yes, they are available to speak to the public and/or media; __ No, they are not available to speak to the public and/or media.

____ We would like to help plan/sponsor activies in Washington (name specific campaign or activist skills training, educational event, action, etc.):

____ We can pay for the following services (e.g. printing, communications equipment, etc.). Please specify approximate amount and service:

___ We can make a financial contribution to the Mobilization for Global Justice coalition. Please make a tax-deductible contribution to our fiscal sponsor Alliance for Global Justice.

___ We are contributing $1000 or more and/or dedicating over 25% of total staff or member time from March 1 to organizing for the April mobilizations, and would like our name to appear on promotional material, the website (www.a16.org), etc. as a sponsor.


<a16endorse at yahoo.com>

50 Years Is Enough Network/Alliance for Global Justice 1247 E Street, S.E. Washington, DC 20003 USA fax: 202/544-9359

P.S. To stay informed about plans for the April mobilizations, check out the website - www.a16.org - and join the e-mail listserv by sending a blank e-mail message to a16-international-planning-s*bscribe at egroups.com <mailto:a16-international-planning-subscribe at egroups.com>.

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