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>>From: Jordan Hayes <jmhayes at j-o-r-d-a-n.com>
>> > Time to bail out.
>>What's that they say about taking stock market advice from economists?
>No, it's much more prudent to take advice from speculators wielding smiley

Important update: It has just come to my attention that Jordan's act of lèse-majesté with respect to J. Bradford DeLong is doubly inappropriate since Brad now bears the New York Times Seal of Approval. Yesterday marked the inauguration of Brad's first "Economic Scene" column in the NYT, where he will be a regular contributor, rotating with other "economic analysts" (the fact that these "analysts" will include Virginia Postrel detracts not one whit from this signal honor). I would have posted Brad's piece -- subject, "Whatever happened to the Phillips Curve?" -- but the NYT now whisks articles over a day old into its archives and demands that you ante up two and a half bucks to take a peek, which seems a little steep -- even to gain access to Brad's insights. So, those of you curious to learn whatever did happen to the, ah, NAIRU jacket will just have to fork over to the folks at 229 W. 43rd St., NYC.

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