Michael Pollak mpollak at panix.com
Fri Mar 10 11:10:06 PST 2000

On Fri, 10 Mar 2000, Carl Remick wrote:

> I would have posted Brad's piece -- subject, "Whatever happened to the
> Phillips Curve?" -- but the NYT now whisks articles over a day old
> into its archives and demands that you ante up two and a half bucks to
> take a peek, which seems a little steep -- even to gain access to
> Brad's insights. So, those of you curious to learn whatever did
> happen to the, ah, NAIRU jacket will just have to fork over to the
> folks at 229 W. 43rd St., NYC.

Actually you can read it at Brad's website, http://econ161.berkeley.edu/ There's also a link where you can sign up for home delivery of Brad's insights.

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