Haacke Rudy=Hitler piece at Whitney

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In a law library. 7 Fed Register 909 , means number 7, page 909.

Also, see _Old Nazis, New Right and the Republican Party_ by Russ Bellant, on old Nazis in the Republican Party during the Bush admin. And of course George Bush is from the Yale branch of the CIA , a main grouping Wm. F. Buckley, et al., head of the CIA.


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> [the latest from Robert Lederman]


> To give one outstanding example, so far during this
> Presidential election not one mainstream media outlet has
> mentioned the indisputable historical fact that the Bush family
> were among Hitler's most important financial backers or that in
> 1942 the US Congress seized many of their banking assets
> under the Trading With The Enemy Act. [see: Office of Alien
> Property Custodian, vesting order # 248. The order was signed
> by Leo T. Crowley, Alien Property Custodian, executed
> October 20, 1942; Fed Reg Doc 42-11568, Filed Nov. 6, 1942
> 11:31 AM; 7 Fed Reg. 9097November 7, 1942].

Does anyone know where a person looks up a cite like this?

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