Braudel on the terms "Capitalist" and "Capitalism" (Was: Frank queries)

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Sun Mar 12 10:10:54 PST 2000

>>> Curtiss Leung <bofftagstumper at> 03/11/00 11:42AM >>>
Still with me? Then take a deep, deep breath and get ready for the kick in the head: <quote> "Six years later however, in 1867 the word was still unknown to Marx." </quote>


CB: Are you talking about the word "capitalist" ? Look at Part VIII , The SoCalled Primitive Accumulation, Chapters XXIX "Genesis of the Capitalist Farmer and XXXI Genesis of the Industrial Capitalist. I was reading Chapter VII and Marx used the term "capitalist" several times.

Couldn't believe it myself. Got out the Ben Fowkes translation of _Capital_, v1 and checked the index: sure enough, the term used is "Capitalist mode of production." Checked v2, translated by David Fernbach: same thing. Braudel makes the sweeping claim: "This word which Marx never used was incorporated into the Marxist model."

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