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Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at Princeton.EDU
Sun Mar 12 10:18:33 PST 2000

> 2. Work as meaningful, with a maximum integration, in every job, of
>our uniquely human capability to conceptualize and carry out
>work tasks, and a sharing of society's more onerous tasks. A democratic
>union will naturally turn its attention to the workplace, and the
>hierarchies found there will be no more tolerable than those in the
>union. Workplace hierarchies are based, in part, upon an inhuman
>division of labor, which divides up our jobs and doles them out to us in
>little mechanical pieces, unfit for truly human labor. From democratic
>unions to democratic workplaces seems a natural progression.

Michael, I think this is quite well stated. There have been those (Kenney, Florida) who argue that as capitalist production now depends on the well rounded development of individuals who not only engage in multi-tasking and job rotation in complex computer mediated workplaces but also design and assimilate continuously new technology. Some then draw the conclusion that capitalism itself is developing the skilled, confident and well rounded individuals who will be its gravediggers? Do you agree with this?


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