Lithuanian dissident

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Great--you saved me a lot of work.

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>Valdas Anelauskas has a website at His
>are indexed at This specific
>is at in its entirety.
>I'm about six pages into it. Someone could give this guy some pointers
>web design - I have to click all the way through it to find out how many
>it is. It's 31 pages long.
>Ain't search engines great?
>Scott Martens
> >
> > I'll start posting this in installments tomorrow--it should take a
>while, as
> > it is rather hefty (it's a small book).
> >
> > Should the Powers That Be (i.e., Doug Henwood or Louis Proyect, as the
> > may be) prefer, I can send it to people off-list or, cutting the Gordian
> > knot, just post the URL.
> >
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