Fwd: 'Gas-out' apr 7-9

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at jhu.edu
Tue Mar 14 06:57:10 PST 2000

At 11:52 PM 3/12/00 +0000, Jim heartfield wrote:
>Rakesh rightly chides me for not being specific about the theorists of
>monopoly capitalism.
>The theory that big business exploits smaller business has been a
>constant theme of radical economics. So Baran and Sweezy struggle to
>limit the responsibility of the small capitalist with rhetorical terms:

-- snip ---

Jim, that is waaaay too deep for me, so let me make sure that I understand:

In my original posting in this thread i said that capitalism promotes wasteful consumption to keep assorted capitalists in business, and cited automobile transportation as a textbook example of such wastefulness (the textbook being Baran & Sweezy's classic).

You are saying that it ain't so, and capitalism, and auto industry in particular, are not wasteful, right? Did I miss anything or you really want to sell me a ford explorer as the last word in capitalis efficiency.

Btw, check out the latest issue of the Nation for their feature article on leaded gasoline. Very illuminating, indeed - so much so that I am now much more sympathetic toward a view that capitalism is, after all, a conspiracy.


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