Social Protectionism

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Tue Mar 14 09:09:23 PST 2000

> From: Max Sawicky > >... But this
> >is mostly secondary to my point, which was that
> >painting the progressive movement's drive for social
> >protection clauses as a tool of imperialism is simple
> >slander by the politically lost.

> I don't think anyone's suggesting that.
PB: Hang on there Ted.

Comrade Max, there are lots of smart lefties in the Third World who do indeed think you inside-beltway big-labour fellas are useful idiots of imperialism by promoting a strengthened WTO with Social-Clause whitewash. >>>>>>

[mbs] I don't think anyone here sees the effort as "promoting a strengthened WTO." Rather, it's promoting social clauses and the like wherever the opportunity presents itself. This is a bit of a different focus than your characterization.

Let's say I pass along your note that these folk are "politically lost." I wouldn't, but what would their reaction be? A hearty guffaw. Deservedly so. Speaking personally, I was lost in Washington, found in Harare/Jo'burg. You should try it. . . .

[mbs] you seem to fall prey to the error that I spend my time chasing politicians around w/ my naive plans. Some people here may do that, but I am here because this is where you have to be to get stuff into the media and deal with the leadership of mass membership organizations, such as trade unions. If I want to do 'retail' politics I can do that here too, since there are plenty of 'real' people around to deal with.


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