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kelley kwalker2 at
Tue Mar 14 13:18:07 PST 2000

i never used to watch the television much. or even listen to commercial radio. but now i've got to be on top of both for my job. so i'm tuned into cnn, etc all the time. has CNN always been about the fooking market or what? i don't recall this aspect of it. i mean, it's all about watching the market. and then i tune into internet radio for breaking news for daily reports i do.....and that's all they friggin talk about too!! how are the stocks doing. blah blah blah. and how this latest announcement in the news will affect stocks blah blah blah. has anyone analyzed this phenom? historical trends as to how much news time is devoted to this shit. a classic example used in media soc is to discuss the "social construction" of the news -- and the tilt toward the market in the news. so it's been around a while. but this is absurd. but i don't know. maybe there is no more time devoted to this than previously and it's just that i didn't pay attn. is it just me and tendency to avoid the mainstream news media like that plague that i've justmissed out on all the fun in the past decade or so?

man, i'd really rather be watching guiding light.

or camp barf on the disney chanel.

or hell at list some old bogie flick on bravo,.

you know how to whistle steve, right? you just put your lip together... and b l o w.


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