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Wed Mar 15 04:25:00 PST 2000

Dennis R Redmond wrote:

>Fear not, CNN is going to be responsible for the Revolution. One of my
>favorite tactics as a teacher is to tape a short clip of Stuart or Debra
>blithering on with some podunkus rentier from Salomon Bros., decode some
>of the jargon for them and then show my class the precise ownership
>figures for the stock market (95% owned by the richest 5% of all
>shareholders). Then I show the European Central Bank's figures on
>savings and investment, pointing out that the US underinvests in its
>economy compared to the EU and Japan, owes a cool 2 trillion euros
>to overseas creditors, and that our real wages have stagnated for 30
>They get the idea pretty darn quick, lemme tell ya.

that they want to be part of the 95 or 5% ? heh. i'd always have ayn rand jokers in the classroom who'd say something like, "so? doesn't mean anything to me. i can be part of that 5%" Or "so? just because it's like that now......."

if i have a chance i'd like to count how many times they do a bit on how ordinary people own stocks. they ran a few like that yesterday-- pointing to pension funds. all the wo/man on the street commentaries are a nice touch too. ask 200 suckers the same question and your bound to find a couple who know something or, at least, say something for a sound byte (is it bite ot byte?? i never remember), making it appear as if just *everyone* has money in the market. weeeeooooo.

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