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I recall that it was a cartoon tv show in Japan. I think that they got sick from watching the rapid action rather than from the waves -- but then this might be a different incident.

kelley wrote:

> Anyone know the name/date of that incident where kids playing a certain
> video game were said to have epileptic fits induced by waves emitted from
> screen?
> any of you conspiracy theory watchers know much about developments in
> non-lethal weapons and information technologies? i'm reading a little bit
> about it -- nasty stuff. it's the kind of thing that's real popular among
> domestic law enforcements and what was used in Seattle. No Kent State,
> just spray with cancer causing gas and shoot 'em with rubber bullets that,
> were they to have killed which they sure have potential to do, they could
> just have said, "but we didn't intend to; it was the one in a billion
> chance...etc"
> as i'm reading through it i'm wondering how much d.a.n. and others clue
> themselves into this stuff. i know that, if they're connected with
> conflict resolution centers that they often pay attn to this stuff.... but
> i was wondering about it in terms of strategizing for a16, m1 and the
> conventions.... like i'm getting paranoid reading this stuff but the
> chance that they'll try to hit the alt media sites that are used would
> definitely seem like one tactic and a pretty demoralizing one if
> successful. so my next question is, are folks thinking about messing with
> mainstream media at all. this would seem like an ace thing to do......and
> i *swear* i read about it. i'm on a16 list so maybe it was there that i
> read it. but did anyone else read about this--the attempt to jam or just
> generally fuck with the main streammedia during coverage?
> rambling,
> kelley

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