An Eskimo Boy And Injustice In Old New York

Ken Hanly khanly at
Thu Mar 16 08:14:38 PST 2000

It is interesting that this article still uses the term Eskimo even though it makes note of the fact that most of the groups refer to themselves as Inuit--although for some reason in Alaska apparently some still use "Eskimo". In Canada and Greenland the term is regarded as pejorative. The term "Eskimo" is Algonkian. It was originally thought to refer to "eaters of raw flesh" but it may refer to snowshoes. In any event it was thought to be pejorative and is not a term from the Inuit language.

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Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

> The New York Times
> March 15, 2000, Wednesday, Late Edition - Final
> SECTION: Section E; Page 1; Column 5; The Arts/Cultural Desk
> HEADLINE: An Eskimo Boy And Injustice In Old New York;

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