Pro-ITN Libel Suit Post

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Thu Mar 16 16:54:58 PST 2000

James A Farmelant wrote:

> The question that interests me is what if anything can be done about
> this. The judgement against LM would seem to effectively put it out
> of business.

About 40 or 50 years ago the cops put a journal called, I think, the *Chicago Review* out of business by just seizing one issue of it as "pornographic." The costs of fighting the charged wrecked the magazine financially. Non-commercial (political or even "merely" cultural) publications can always be easily wrecked if the authorities (federal, state, or local) decide they want to do so. One more reason why it is silly, even incoherent, to make a fetish of free speech when all the free speech in the world for the Ku Klux Klan or adherents of evolutionary psychology will never do a bit of good for the left when it really counts.

This is not to say that we ought not to defend free speech under most circumstances -- but it is not only politically stupid but intellectually incoherent to make an absolute of it.


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