Civil Disobedience! (was Re: Pro-ITN Libel Suit Post)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Thu Mar 16 20:55:36 PST 2000

Jim Farmelant asks:

>The question that interests me is what if anything can be done about
>this. The judgement against LM would seem to effectively put it out
>of business.

There is a way -- civil disobedience. Break the law en masse. Unjust laws should be defied, and in this case justice is on the side of LM, while legality is on the side of ITN. That is not to say that our friend Jim Heartfield should go to jail as a lone individual of political conscience. Sometimes, nothing doing, and you have to bite the bullet temporarily to avoid futile, though heroic, martyrdom. Nonetheless, if defenders of LM & political freedom can muster massive numbers of people on their side, there is nothing ITT or the British government can do about it without causing damage to their image. A government can't, all at once, imprison millions of people exercising civil disobedience without becoming fascist. They might arrest "leaders," but they can't go further than that, under current conditions; then, people must wage further struggles to free them & abolish this devious libel law. Only a protracted struggle of masses of people can protect our freedom. Nothing else will.

I know this won't comfort Jim Heartfield, but truth -- not even truth backed up by the First Amendment -- alone doesn't make us free. Unorganized people are by nature unfree, powerless before the machinery of oppression. Therefore, we shall either organize ourselves to practice freedom, or else remain slaves of the ruling ideas.


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