Pro-ITN Libel Suit Post

Jim heartfield jim at
Fri Mar 17 01:05:59 PST 2000

In message <20000316.185035.116.2.farmelantj at>, James A Farmelant <farmelantj at> writes
>The question that interests me is what if anything can be done about
>this. The judgement against LM would seem to effectively put it out
>of business.

Yes, as things stand it is more than just possible that the costs and damages due will put LM out of business.

What can you do? Messages of support would be welcome to

lm at

Donations to LM c/o Informinc, Signet House, 49-51 Farringdon Road London, EC1M 3JP

Perhaps the most useful thing to do would be to re-publish the article, either on the web or elsewhere, as a way of publicising the case. Outside of the UK, I am presuming that this would not fall under the rules of contempt.

I don't have ITN's address to hand, but you can probably contact Channel Four News (produced by ITN) through their website at

-- Jim heartfield

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