Hopkins sit-in ends

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Fri Mar 17 06:30:54 PST 2000

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>Subject: Garland Hall sit-in ends
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>March 16, 2000
>Dear Colleagues:
>After signing an agreement with The Johns Hopkins Institutions this
>morning, members of the Student-Labor Action Committee have ended their
>protest in the lobby of Garland Hall.
>The Homewood undergraduate admissions office will now resume using the
>lobby as its reception area for prospective students and their families.
>The agreement signed today recognizes that fair compensation of our
>employees is an important element in their quality of life and in the
>standard of living in our city and region. It restates the university's
>commitment to principle. It creates a forum for Hopkins, SLAC and all
>other interested members of the Hopkins community to continue pursuing
>these issues. It is a good agreement, and I welcome its signing.
>More details are available at the Web site to which I have directed
>you before, http://www.jhu.edu/news_info/c&pa/position.html
>The text of today's agreement is also on line, at
>William R. Brody

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