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Fri Mar 17 06:36:26 PST 2000

Put it down in your diary. Doug took a definite position on something.

This is not a Marxist list, but it is definitely for state protection of Nazi and KKK speech.

>>> Michael Pugliese <debsian at pacbell.net> 03/16/00 07:40PM >>>
>Charles Brown wrote:
>>All Power to the People,
>Or, more precisely, the subset of the people that agrees with you.

Hence the utility of the category "unpersons"...

Yup, remember how Kundera's, "Book Of Laughter And Forgetting, " opens? On "unpersons" there is a great coffee table book from Penguin on the Purges, that has all these great before and after pictures. One photo, Trotsky is in the frame with Lenin while he addresses the masses in 1917. Next image Leon is airbrushed out. Those airbrush folks got lotsa work.

Michael Pugliese

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