An Eskimo Boy And Injustice In Old New York

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Michael Pollak a écrit:

> If I remember my Gibbons correctly, the same is true of the Franks: they
> were originally a confederation of german tribes. "Frank" supposedly
> refered to the truth or loyalty of their mutual oath (although Scott
> Martens' warning is well taken, especially back in these primeval
> forests). I'm under the impression that during this period there was more
> difference between local tribes than there was between the French or
> Germans (or Saxons) as peoples or as languages.

I can confirm that I was taught that "France" comes from "Frank" - a Germanic tribe that took over in the sixth or seventh century (I forget the details.)

Or, in light of my previous warning, I've heard the story repeated, unchallenged, by so many historians and profs that I would consider it very likely to be true. :^)

I've also heard that "Allemand" comes from "Aleman", and considering that this was before the First Great German Vowel Shift, it seems plausible that this comes from some sort of "All men" construction.

Scott Martens

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